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Volunteers Heart For Africa (VHFA)

Volunteers Heart For Africa (VHFA) is a non-governmental organization committed to fighting hunger, lack of education and medical care among children in desperate need, and fighting illiteracy in adult women and men. VHFA is directed towards orphans, children suffering from poverty and infected by HIV/AIDS, and provide them with a decent standard of living. In doing so, we also aim to raise conscious in society by teaching individuals basic skills that will help the surrounding communities to develop.


Child Sponsorship

We understand that when it comes to charity organizations or donating in general there is a certain hint of skepticism involved. Many people turn away from the opportunity to help because they feel uncertain that their support is going to the right places. This is perfectly understandable because in the end one is forced to rely on the good faith of others. 


Volunteers Heart for Africa always seek to honor and equip biological families, when possible, but ready to fill in where biological family is absent or unable to care, Volunteers Heart for Africa step in as fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and mentors to the children. We prepare them for their future roles as godly fathers and mothers in their own families. We help inspire them to reach back in love to their biological families.

Child Care, Community Development, Gospel - Transformation, Education


As well as One Day Volunteers  and Long Term Volunteers, we also welcome large groups of volunteers.

Why Volunteer

The team here at VHFA welcome volunteers from all corners of the world, of all ages and backgrounds.

By volunteering with us here you will have a very enriching first had experience of Ugandan lifestyle and cultures. You will be able to grasp a better understanding of the daily struggles that we face, and also experience the beauty of this country that lies in the hearts of many Ugandans. You will also have the opportunity to give back to a community which is in great need of your help, and challenge yourself in this new environment.

In return, we will have an opportunity to learn more about your culture and background. You will be able to share your knowledge and experiences with us, and help us see some of our challenges here from a different perspective.


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