Maximizing the Benefit of Your Funds

Thank you for choosing to give to Volunteers Heart For Africa. Your investment helps deliver positive change for children in our program to fight to end poverty for good.

We’re constantly striving to use your funds responsibly and efficiently. All of our total expenses go directly to programs and activities that help sponsored children.

Where your donation goes

Your confidence in our work is extremely important to us. We’ve established stringent accounting and financial reporting procedures to ensure your gifts have the maximum impact on sponsored children, their families and communities. Your sponsorship contributions are pooled and transferred directly to the field and make sure they’re used responsibly and efficiently to provide benefits and services tailored to each child

Checks and balances

To ensure contributions are used efficiently, we’ve developed a thorough system of checks and balances to ensure funds are spent in accordance with plans. Independent audits are conducted to make sure funds align with approved budgets. We visit fields frequently to perform detailed reviews of facilities and operations. We also visit sponsored children and conduct interviews to ensure they’re receiving the benefits and services promised to our sponsors.