How Can I Help

We understand that when it comes to charity organizations or donating in general there is a certain hint of skepticism involved. Many people turn away from the opportunity to help because they feel uncertain that their support is going to the right places. This is perfectly understandable because in the end one is forced to rely on the good faith of others. There is always going to be uncertainty about where the money is going, who it is going, how much is going to the cause, and so on. In fact, many organizations fail to specify the use of the money or merely provide a vague description of where the money is going. Therefore, here we have specified in detail exactly where the money is going and what the organization is trying to achieve.

Here are our strategies and above all a detailed financial statement that explains where every Dollar (US) /Euro is going. We hope that after reading this you will feel more confident in knowing where your donations are going.

If after reading this you feel encouraged to sponsor a child or if you have any further doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us personally: [email protected]

Become a VHFA Representative in your City

We are currently looking for responsible, passionate people to become Volunteers Heart for Africa representatives in their cities around the World. Please contact us for an application and list of responsibilities.

Distribute Volunteers Heart for Africa Brochures

Helping to spread the word about Volunteers Heart for Africa is vital in the early stages of our development. As such, your help in distributing donor packets is critical to our success. Please contact us for information on how you can receive the donor packets. You can also sell t-shirts and to help spread awareness and raise money for the cause.

Host a Volunteers Heart for Africa Party

A great way to help is to host a Volunteers Heart for Africa Party at your home or church. There, you can show them the presentation and hand-outs and discuss the project and their involvement. Parties can have 10 attendees, or 1000! 

Spread the Word on Facebook is one of the fastest-growing peer-to-peer social networking sites on the Internet. If you have a Facebook account, please consider doing the following:

Please Note: VHFA is a registered nonprofit No. 1745