Child Care

Volunteers Heart for Africa always seek to honor and equip biological families, when possible, but ready to fill in where biological family is absent or unable to care, Volunteers Heart for Africa step in as fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and mentors to the children. We prepare them for their future roles as godly fathers and mothers in their own families. We help inspire them to reach back in love to their biological families.

We train and educate them to be self-sufficient and productive citizens of the nation of Uganda and the Kingdom of their Father. They, in turn, will “bring the Fatherhood of God” to other fatherless Children.

At our centers, children receive home, family, food, Christian education, Biblical worldview training, health care, vocational training, and discipleship.

Community Development

Dealing with the orphan crisis is ultimately about societal change through the transformative power of the Gospel. That’s why our efforts reach far beyond simply caring for individual orphaned children.

Volunteers Heart for Africa is committed to seeing the Gospel penetrate the society around us. As people begin to live out Biblical principles in their lives the orphan crisis will come to an end. We reach out to our communities through a variety of development initiatives.

Gospel - Transformation

Since God designed the Church to be the primary agent of Gospel transformation in the world, Volunteers Heart for Africa Uganda is committed to planting churches wherever we are sent.


Volunteers Heart for Africa believes that true Education is not merely passing on knowledge or “know-how,” but imparting true wisdom through drawing individuals into a relationship with Jesus Christ, because all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are hidden in Him.

True education instills in its learners the fear of God (which is the beginning of wisdom), and invites them into a personal knowledge of the Holy One (which is understanding)

True education forms values, beliefs, and culture.

The world of academia and the truths found in the Bible are not meant to be two separate spheres. Therefore, at Volunteers Heart for Africa, our children, just like the rest of our programs, provide an opportunity to train and equip our children in Biblical truth and academic excellence.